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Mass spectrometry

Purpose and applications

The purpose of the INCI Mass Spectrometry technical platform is to respond to the variety of analysis requests and to propose solutions adapted to the identification and quantification of molecules of interest in various fields of biology and biochemistry.

Applications: small peptidic or non-peptidic molecules, metabolomics.


Support, extraction and analysis services using a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) (Endura, ThermoFisher Scientific) of the latest generation (2014) are proposed. This equipment allows the quantitative analysis of molecules with a mass range of 10 to 3400 m / z. Two sources of ionization, electrospray (HESI) and chemical ionization at atmospheric pressure (APCI), are available depending on the problems encountered.This mass spectrometer can either be used in direct infusion or coupled with a UPLC chain Dionex Ultimate 3000 (ThermoFisher Scientific) that allows rapid analysis of complex samples. Different analysis modes are available: full scan, precursor ion scan, product ion scan, loss of neutral and SRM scan.

On the other hand, this device offers high sensitivity associated with low noise for the quantitative analysis of small molecules, peptides, biosimilar and biological substances. More signal and less noise translates into greater precision and accuracy of dosing.

Specification of ENDURA:

  • Commercialized device acquired in March 2014.
  • Mass range 10-3400 m / z.
  • Presence of a neutral ion blocker guide (avoids clogging and increases sensitivity).
  • Hyperbolic quadrupole allowing to work at high resolution without loss of sensitivity.
  • Active collision cell (improves ion fragmentation and transit speed) 15000 amu / s, 500srm / s without loss of sensitivity).
  • Precision 0.4 in high resolution.
  • Detector for working in a wide dynamic range (106) and particularly when the ion flow is low (“dual mode discrete dynode detector,” counting mode and analog mode).
  • Failover polarity <20ms.


Scientific director: Dr. Yannick Goumon, CRCN Inserm
Technical director : Virginie Andry, IE CNRS
Phone : 03 88 45 67 18

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