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Behavioral Experiment Plateform

Responsibles : Mélanie Kremer & Ipek Yalcin

Comportement et Optogénétique In coordination with the Chronobiotron UMS3415, this technical platform focuses on rodents (rats and mice) behavior in particular in models and tests of pain and anxio-depressive disorders.
We combine genetic approaches (transgenic mice, siRNA, viral transgenesis, optogenetic, chemogenetic ...) with molecular and physiological measurements to understand the biological bases of behaviors studie.


Mélanie Kremer Mélanie Kremer,
Directrice,Resp. technique &

Ipek Yalcin Ipek Yalcin,
Resp. scientifique

Victor Mathis Victor Mathis,
Chercheur CDD

Quentin Leboulleux Noémie Willem,
Ingénieure d’étude

Aurélia Ces Aurélia Ces,
Assistante ingénieure

Models & tests

  • Neuropathic pain: trauma models ("cuff", "chronic constriction lesion", " spared nerve injury"), genetic model (diabetic neuropathy: ob / ob mice).
  • Inflammatory pain: carrageenan, Complete Freund’s adjuvant.
  • Opioid-induced hyperalgesia, opioid tolerance, withdrawal signs.
  • Conditioned place preference.
  • Measure of spontaneous pain.
  • Thermal nociceptive tests: tail flick, tail immersion, hot plate, Plantar®, cold plate.
  • Mechanical nociceptive tests: von Frey, tail pressure, calibrated forceps.
  • Anxio-depressive tests: open field, elevated-plus maze, light/dark box, marble burying test, forced swimming test, sucrose preference test, splash test, nesting test, novelty-suppressed feeding.
  • Stereotaxic surgery.
  • Treatments and injections by intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, oral, intravenous, intrathecal thoracic, intrathecal lumbar, intracerebral, retro-orbital routes.
  • Tissue samples: blood, sciatic nerve, dorsal root ganglia, spinal cord, brain structures (dissection, "punch"), whole brain.


Provision of services, pharmacological profiling.
Training in different behavioral tests, technical and surgical gestures.
Development of new models and / or behavioral tests.
Assistance in drafting authorizations for animal experimentation

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