Plasticity of pain controls

Team leader : Pierrick POISBEAU

The team is working on the plasticity of several neurochemical systems with proven analgesic action in painful pathological conditions. The analgesic mechanisms of action of oxytocin are currently being investigated in the microcircuits of the amygdala and hypothalamus. Morphine is the gold standard analgesic in human clinical practice, but its effectiveness in the long-term is impaired by adverse effects that need to be better understood. This work is carried out by analyzing the endogenous metabolism of morphine in painful states and during associated treatments (e.g. chemotherapy). The recruitment and effectiveness of these two analgesic systems are also studied during early development. We study the impact of perinatal disorders with preclinical models but also in premature newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Hautepierre-Strasbourg hospital.

Team projects


Permanent Staff

Hervé Cadiou
(Assistant Professor)

Alexandre Charlet
(CNRS Researcher)

Virginie Chavant
(CNRS engineer)

Pascal Darbon
(Assistant Professor)

Yannick Goumon
(INSERM Researcher)

Pierre Kuhn
(Professor, Neonatalogist)

Vincent Lelievre

Pierrick Poisbeau

PhD students / Postdoctoral fellows

Géraldine Gazzo
(PhD student)

Marlène Salgado-Ferrer
(PhD student)

Damien Kerspern
(PhD student)

Florian Gabel
(PhD student)

Louis Hilfiger
(PhD student)

Claire Terzulli
(PhD student)

Angel Baudon
(PhD student)

Clémence Gieré
(PhD student)

Other Non-Permanent Staff

Christine Berlemont
(Nurse, Hypnopract.)

Andréa Caussaint
(Assistant Engineer)

Véronique Vincent
(Research Nurse)

Dr Claire Zores
(MD Neonatalogist, PhD)

Dr Audrey Marchal
(MD, Neonatalogist)

Jennifer Rondel

Antoine Martenot

Anna Louisa Sawaya

Selected publications

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