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Amandine Bery

Being recently recruited (September 1st, 2019) as assistant professor in the team “Vision, Light and the Brain”, I am investigating a transcriptional regulatory network regulating intracellular transport pathway in response to light/dark cycle in the retina.
Since 13 years I was exploring the development of the cerebral cortex at different levels: genomic, epigenomic, molecular and cellular, in both animal and human models. During that time, I specialized in the study of intracellular transport in cortical and motor neurons and its link with malformation of cerebral development and have acquired strong expertise in in/ex vivo electroporation, molecular biology, transcriptional regulation, in silico analysis and microscopy.
My inspiration is drawn from many different areas and trail running in Vosges and reading thrillers are definitely part of them.

Light, vision and the brain

Selected publication

Vegas N, Cavallin M, Maillard C, Boddaert N, Toulouse J, Schaefer E, Lerman-Sagie T, Lev D, Barth M, Moutton S, Haan E, Isidor B, Heron D, Milh M, Rondeau S, Michot C, Valence S, Wagner S, Hully M, Mignot C, Masurel A, Datta A, Odent S, Nizon M, Lazaro L, Vincent M, Cogné B, Guerrot AM, Arpin S, Pedespan JM, caubel I, Pontier B, Troude B, Rivier F, Philippe C, Bienvenu T, Bery A*, Bahi-Buisson N. Neurol Genet (2018) 4:e481 Delineating the phenotypic spectrum of FOXG1 syndrome: from congenital microcephaly to hyperkinetic encephalopathy.

Bery A, Martinoga B, Guillemot F & Rétaux S. Cerebral Cortex (2013) 24(11):2822-34 Identification and characterization of enhancers active in mouse embryonic cerebral cortex highlights the heterogeneity of cortical progenitors.

Bery A, Cardona A, Martinez P & Hartenstein V. Development, Genes & Evolution (2010) 220(3): 61-76 Structure of the central nervous system of a hatchling acoel, Symsagittifera roscoffensis.


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