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Calcium signalling and information processing in dorsal horn glial cells

Project leader : Rémy Schlichter

The aim of our research is to characterize the mechanisms underlying calcium signalling in dorsal horn glial cells in acute and chronic pain conditions. We are particularly interested in the calcium release and calcium influx pathways present in glial cells as well as in their interactions and their modulation by neurotransmitters, gliotransmitters, neuropeptides and other extra- and intracellular signaling molecules. We are also studying the consequences of the activation of these pathways on ATP release from glia and on synaptic transmission in neuronal networks.


Rémy Schlichter

Varen Eersapah
Patrick Wolf


Thomas Grutter (LCAMB, Illkirch Graffenstaden)

Selected publications

Eersapah V, Hugel S, Schlichter R. (2019) High-resolution detection of ATP release from single cultured mouse dorsal horn spinal cord glial cells and its modulation by noradrenaline. Purinergic Signal Sep;15(3):403-420

Seibt F, Schlichter R. (2015) Noradrenaline-mediated facilitation of inhibitory synaptic transmission in the dorsal horn of the rat spinal cord involves interlaminar communications. Eur J Neurosci. 2015 Nov;42(9):2654-65


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