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Circadian control of reproduction in female mammals

Project leaders : Thibault Bahougne, Nathalie Jeandidier, Valérie Simonneaux

In female mammals, reproductive activity has ovarian cycles whose regularity depends on a functional circadian system. Indeed, the preovulatory peak of LH, which triggers ovulation, depends on circulating concentration of elevated estradiol, which attests to the maturity of the follicles, but also a circadian signal that ensures that ovulation occurs in beginning of active phase.

Studies have shown that disruption of the circadian system, including lesion of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), seat of the main circadian clock, impairs ovarian cycles and female fertility. In addition, it has been shown that SCN neurons project to hypothalamic neurons controlling the reproductive axis, including kisspeptin, RFRP and GnRH neurons. In this context the objectives of our team are:

  • to analyze the mechanisms that regulate the daily activity of kisspeptin and RFRP neurons and to understand how these neurons are involved in the occurrence of the preovulatory LH peak at the interface rest / activity phases;
  • to investigate the effects of circadian disturbances (single phase shift, chronic shifts) on the whole hypothalamic-hypophysio-gonadic axis and the fertility of female mice, but also in women working in shift work conditions.


Valérie Simonneaux
(Senior researcher)
Thibault Bahougne
(university hospital practitioner)
Béatrice Bothorel
Nathalie Jeandider
(University professor, hospital practitioner)
Marine Simonneaux


  • Perrine Inquimbert (INCI, Strasbourg)
  • Kalsbeek Andries (Université d’Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
  • Jeandidier Nathalie (Hôpital universitaire, Service d’endocrinologie et métabolisme, Strasbourg)

Selected publications

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