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Transport of metabolic hormones in the brain

Project leader : Stéphane Gasman & Stéphane Ory

Transport of peripheral metabolic hormones such as leptin into the brain is a critical limiting step whose deregulation leads to important metabolic disorders including obesity. Tanycytes, a specific type of hypothalamic ependymo-glial cells, act as “gatekeepers” that regulate blood-borne signal access to the hypothalamus, and are involved in leptin transport for release into the cerebrospinal fluid. The main aim of this project is to uncover the molecular mechanisms controlling leptin transport across tanycytes. Specifically, by implementing a primary culture of polarized tanycytes from rat median eminence, we are characterizing the endocytic pathways allowing leptin internalization, its trans-tanycytic route as well as the mechanisms controlling its subsequent release from the tanycytes to the cerebrospinal fluid.


Stéphane Gasman Stéphane Gasman
(Senior researcher)
Stéphane Ory Stéphane Ory
Petra Tóth Petra Tóth
(Associate professor)
Marion Millet Marion Millet
(Ph.D. Student)
Claudine Boissier Claudine Boissier
Anne-Marie Haeberlé Anne-Marie Haeberlé


– Vincent Prévot, Inserm , Lille University
– Julie Dam, Cochin Institute, INSERM, Paris University

Selected Publications

Duquenne M, Folgueira C, Bourrouh C, Millet M, Silva A, Clasadonte J, Imbernon M, Fernandois D, Martinez-Corral I, Kusumakshi S, Caron E, Rasika S, Deliglia E, Jouy N, Oishi A, Mazzone M, Trinquet E, Tavernier J, Kim YB, Ory S, Jockers R, Schwaninger M, Boehm U, Nogueiras R, Annicotte JS, Gasman S, Dam J & Prévot V (2021) Leptin enters the brain through a LepR:EGFR shuttle in tanycytes to regulate peripheral lipogenesis and pancreatic beta-cell function. Nature Metabolism Aug;3(8):1071-1090.


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