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Stéphane ORY

Stéphane Ory
(CNRS Researcher)

Researcher in the team « Intracellular membrane trafficking in the nervous and neuroendocrine systems » since january 2008, I’ve always focused my research on basic molecular mechanisms that control cell signaling and dynamics. More specifically, I’ve been interested in small GTP-binding proteins of the Rho subfamily and their function on cytoskeletal rearrangements and vesicular trafficking. In that context, my attention has more recently focused on how plasma membrane lipids and their regulators may coordinate vesicular trafficking. I now develop and participate to two main projects:

Compensatory endocytosis and vesicular recycling

Transport of metabolic hormones in the brain

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Responsibilities at the INCI

  • Coordinator of the Technical and Developmental committee
  • Member of the Information Technology committee
  • Person in charge of the Cytometry facility


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